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Nigeria Budget in 2018 – Increment in minimum wage and subsidy are excluded

For the Nigeria Budget in 2018, The Chairman, Senate Committee  Senator Danjuma Goje on Appropriation has said that there was no provision  made for minimum wage and subsidy in the 2018 Budget.

Danjuma made it known while briefing reporters on Wednesday in Abuja Nigeria shortly after passing the 2018 Appropriation Bill, he said; the failure to capture the wage in the 2018 budget may have been because deliberation on the issue had not been concluded by the Executive.

Nigeria Budget in 2018

“The government has not brought it. I think that the issue of minimum wage is still under consideration. It is still at the committee level with the Executive. When they bring it to us we will look at it; ours is just to make law. If the Executive decides to pay workers N100, 000 per day or whatever it is, if they bring the Bill and can justify it, we will pass it. When they bring it, we will consider,” he said.

Also the subsidy on oil was not captured in the budget too. “He added”


The lawmaker said “the issue of subsidy was raised on the floor. It was explained that the Federal Government officially abolished subsidy. So, it is not for us to introduce subsidy. If they want to pay subsidy in accordance with the law they have to bring it to us to appropriate. If they bring it, we will appropriate. For now, officially there is no subsidy”.

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